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Cycling for Gourmands: Best restaurants around Škofja Loka

Hours of cycling will make you hungry enough to eat a horse. To ensure the local colts remain unharmed, we compiled the ultimate list of best restaurants, inns, huts, and diners along the Hidden Hills Trail around Škofja Loka. They offer various menus, so we’re sure there’s something yummy for everyone.

Here are the best places to eat in the Škofja Loka region:

1. Pr’ Pepet (Škofja Loka)

If this family-owned restaurant that focuses on local specialties made with fresh ingredients from nearby farms were in France, it would be called Chez Pepe. The menu changes every day, and they’ll treat you with delicious dishes such as steaks, žlikrofi dumplings, soups, and strudel.

Best restaurants around Škofja Loka - Pr Pepet
Calm ambient in Škofja Loka old center square.
Best local food in Škofja Loka
Traditional local food with moderen touch.

2. Pr’ Boštjanu (Križna gora)

Dubbed one of the best restaurants in the Škofja Loka region by food critics, Pr’ Boštjanu offers a beautiful ambiance, homemade spirits, and a top-notch degustation menu. In addition to mouthwatering flavors and friendly staff, you’ll forget to chew when you see the view.

Best restaurants around Skofja Loka
Top-notch degustation menu.
The view - Best restaurants around Skofja Loka
The view from Križna Gora.

3. The Stari Vrh Hut (Stari Vrh)

Far away from daily hullaballoo and fast-paced noise, at 1032 meters, there’s a restaurant with a fantastic view. The Stari Vrh Hut will provide traditional dishes such as goulash, soups, roasted piglet, deer chops, štruklji, and different roasts.
Restaurant with fantastic view.
Freshly baked bread
Freshly baked bread.

4. The Tolc Inn (Sorica)

Calling this place an inn doesn’t do it justice: it’s actually a chic establishment that can feed hungry cyclists or host a romantic dinner. It’s located in the ‘prettiest village in Slovenia,’ surrounded by pristine nature, near ski resorts and cycling trails. You’ll fill your tummy with delicious local cuisine.

Best restaurants around Škofja Loka - Tolc Sorica
The Tolc inn located in the 'prettiest village in Slovenia'.
Traditional food meets modern cooking.

5. Hotel Lajnar (Soriška Planina Ski Resort)

It usually caters to tired and famished skiers, but it will also treat cyclists to local dishes, fine wine, and beautiful ambient. We hear good things about their food, but wait till you see the views!
Hotel Lajnar - Best restaurants around Škofja Loka
Beautiful ambient of Hotel Lajnar on Sorišla Planina.
Short coffe break or overnight stay.

6. Homestead Andrejon (Žetina)

At the foothills of Blegoš, one of the highest points of the Hidden Hills Trail is an old farm that’s recently turned to tourism and cheesemaking. In addition to their blockbuster cheese, they’ll make sure you continue your trip full with a good old farmer’s lunch: sausages, minced lard, bacon, cold cuts, sour milk, and homemade bread.

Best restaurants around Škofja Loka - chees at Andrejon
Cheese making basement .
Spectacular view on Škofa Loka region
At the foothills of Blegoš is village Žetina.

7. The Blegoš Hut (Blegoš)

The location is known for being a backdrop to the cult Slovenian movie ‘Cvetje v jeseni’ and for their mascot goat Rožle. Their friendly staff will offer you the Blegoš Plate (cabbage, žganci, and sausage), Istrian stew, barley stew, homemade štruklji, and all sorts of soups.

Highest point of HHT.

8. The ‘Na Lanišah’ Homestead (Podlanišče)

The main schtick of this uniquely beautiful place is weddings in nature, but you don’t have to be in a pre-nuptial mood to get great food and one helluva view.
Best restaurants around Skofja Loka - Garden on Kmetija na Lanisah
Only home grown food and a view to remember.

9. The Javorče Hunter’s Lodge (Žirovski vrh)

A popular destination for cyclists and hikers, this hunter’s lodge will satisfy your sweet tooth (štruklji, cinnamon rolls, and chocolate blooms) or more substantial cravings (goulash, Istrian stew, sauerkraut and roast, barley stew, sausages, and minced lard).

Štruklji are very popular dish for mountain regions of Slovenia.

10. Cheese farms Pustotnik & Bogataj (Gorenja vas)

If you’re a cheese lover (who isn’t?!), you have to visit these two artisanal cheesemakers in Gorenja vas. They’re both known for farm-to-table products and ancient traditional methods. In addition to various types of cheese, you’ll also find milk, whey, buttermilk, sour milk, flavored milk, yogurts, kaymak, cottage cheese, and cream – basically anything dairy-based.

Heaven for cheese lovers.

11. The Lipan Inn (Hotavlje)

The Lipan Inn is all about fish (hence the name, which means ‘grayling’), and their three chefs will make sure your meal is unforgettable. A fresh trout or game, sausages, roasts, dumplings, or other local treats.

Gostilna Lipan is located in beautiful Poljanska Valley.
Home made meet delicacies
Home-made meet delicacies.

12. The Visoko Café (Visoko Manor)

Located in the homestead once occupied by the great Slovenian writer Ivan Tavčar, they might not have proper meals, but they’ll be more than happy to recharge you with a cup of coffee and their famous original cake.

Recharging batteries on beautiful garden.

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