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Hidden hills trail – promo video

Cycling journey in Slovenia

A cycling journey in Slovenia that takes you through the region of Škofjeloško. A region where you get to explore the beautiful hidden hills of Slovenia and experience the emotions you may have never felt before.

Hidden hills trail is the best cycling trail in Slovenia for many reasons:

  • 240km long cycling trail with uncrowded roads and many spectacular views.
  • Connecting 4 pre-Alps regions.
  • The trail was made considering an e-bike was the transportation, which means nothing is beyond reach.
  • If you take a ride with friends, the fun will multiply and relationships will improve.
  • Water is a treasure in this region, which means drinkable water is free for everyone.

Let's go! Experience this amazing cycling journey in Slovenia

There are many support options to explore the trail. Choose between self-guided or guided tours.


Cycling for Gourmands: Best restaurants around Škofja Loka

Hours of cycling will make you hungry enough to eat a horse. To ensure the local colts remain unharmed, we compiled the ultimate list of best restaurants, inns, huts, and diners along the Hidden Hills Trail around Škofja Loka. They offer various menus, so we’re sure there’s something yummy for everyone.

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