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About the hidden hills trail

Moderate – The Hidden Hills Trail takes place in the Pre-Alpine region of Slovenia, so there are asphalt and gravel roads. There are no flat stages, which means you’ll ride uphill and downhill. The roads and biking paths are wide and in good condition, so if you are used to riding bikes in nature, you will complete the Hidden Hills Trail without a hitch.

We suggest a good physical condition, which means you are used to riding a mountain bike on asphalt and gravel roads, and you normally ride at least once a week. Even though the Hidden Hills Trail is designed for E-bikes, it still requires some fitness. E-bikes make riding quicker and less demanding than normal mountain bikes, so if you opt for a non-electric mountain bike, you should be in excellent physical condition.

The Hidden Hills Trail is 240 kilometers long and has 7,000 meters of elevation gain. The route has 7 stages; some of them are more demanding than others. There is also an option of a shorter route that takes 3 days to complete. Find more info on individual stages in the About the Trail section.

Usually, it takes seven days to complete the entire trail, but it depends on the rider and the type of bike. For a better idea: every stage is approximately 50 kilometers long and has 1,500 meters of elevation gain.

The best time to ride the Hidden Hills Trail is between May and the end of November, so in Spring, Summer, and Autumn. The most optimal is definitely Spring or Autumn due to more pleasant temperatures. Summers aren’t scorching hot due to the altitude, but late afternoons might bring storms and heavy rain that can last for a couple of hours. Our advice is to check the weather forecast before taking on a particular stage.

The Hidden hills trail starts and ends in Škofja Loka. The first half of the Hidden Hills Trail follows the northern side of the Škofja Loka hills, while the second half takes the southern side of Škofja Loka hills, over the Polhov Gradec Dolomites, which separate Ljubljana and the Poljane Valley.

Yes, you can also bike the Hidden Hills trail in the opposite direction. And guess what: if you do it in both directions, it feels like you are riding a completely different bike trail.

The nearest airport is the Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport, also known by its previous name, Brnik Airport. It’s the largest airport in Slovenia, and it’s only 20 kilometers from Škofja Loka, where the Hidden Hills Trail starts.

Other options: the Trieste airport (1.5 h drive to Škofja Loka), the Venice airport (2.5 h), and the Graz Airport (1.5 h).

The highest point of the Hidden Hills Trail is mount Blegoš (1564m), which is also the highest hill of the Škofja Loka hills. Blegoš is by far one of the most astonishing places you can visit; it’s well known by the locals and almost unknown by tourists. We guarantee you won’t have to endure crowds of tourists – only peace and incredible views. 

Unfortunately not! In Slovenia, camping is not permitted outside campsites. But fret not, as there are incredible camping spots along the trail, and all you have to do is get permission from the landowner. Our app covers all locations and offers info on available camping sites.

Yes! You can take a bus to Kranj or Ljubljana, and from there, you can take the train or bus to Škofja Loka (20min ride). At the airport, you can find private transport, which may be a bit pricier. The best option is to have us arrange an airport transfer.

Slovenians speak the Slovene language, which is in the group of Slavic languages. Slovenia has numerous dialects despite being a small country, and sometimes, even we have trouble understanding each other. Due to the size, we speak foreign languages, which we already learn in primary school. Almost everyone speaks English, but if that’s not the case, try German or Italian.


You should always have a bike maintenance kit with you and be able to repair simple mechanical issues, such as changing the brake pads, fixing a flat tire, etc. If bigger problems arise, or you don’t know how to repair your bike, you can always count on our support team. We do strongly advise you to have your bike well-maintained and checked before starting the trip.

If you have a flat tire or any other smaller issue, however, we will charge extra for a pickup or a transfer. If you know assistance will be needed, we advise you to choose the GPS + Transfer Plan.


A local professional guide with great knowledge of the area and the trail will navigate you on the HHT. You can check our bike guides here.

Yes! When you book a guided tour/package, the guide will personalize the entire trail for you. After a day of biking, the guide will get to know you better, and assess your biking skills and your fitness level. If you have other preferences, talk to them, and they’ll find the best solution.

About the Ride With GPS app

We recommend the navigation app called Ride With GPS. You can download it on all iOS and Android devices for free.

Most of the necessary info should be within the app, but if you choose the Navigation Plan, we’ll give you more detailed information on how to use the app on the Hidden Hills Trail.

The app will give you an exact GPS track of the entire route, locations, and information on restaurants, accommodations, viewpoints, attractions, and everything else you can do along the Hidden Hills Trail.

You can use the app in the following languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch, and Japanese. 

Yes, you will have to download the Hidden Hills Trail map on your phone to access the GPS track without the internet connection. The only thing you’ll need is a GPS signal.


You can check all accommodations here. All places of interest are available in the navigation app if you pick one of our self-guided or guided plans.

You’ll find all types of accommodations along the Hidden Hills Trail, from basic to comfort. The 3-star accommodation is the norm, but there are also 4-star accommodations available. Typical accommodations are apartments, authentic farmhouses, mountain cabins, huts, and small boutique hotels.


All the restaurants and places where you can get food and drinks are listed in the navigation app. When you pick one of our self-guided or guided plans, you’ll get the exact locations with all the information needed.

Mostly, you will find mountain huts, farmhouses, inns, and taverns. The variety of food may vary from place to place, but generally, you can expect a mixture of Italian and German cuisine. Don’t forget to try the local cuisine, though. Ask the waiting staff about their specialty to discover new dishes.

Most places have their menus in English or German, but there are some that might have Slovene-only menus, especially in certain mountain huts. The staff should speak English, and they’ll be more than happy to help you if you ask.

Attractions & Things to do

You can find all the information on our website. Exact locations and other more specific things can be found on the Ride With GPS app.

Yes, we recommend you to book in advance. Some things, like the Adrenaline Family park, do not require you to book in advance. The best course is to call them or send them an email.

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