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Ljubljana to Bled on HHT


Explore the hidden trails of the hills between Ljubljana and Lake Bled

  • 4-6h long bike rides every day
  • Tour design and organization
  • 4 days of biking 
  • Gps navigation with the easy-to-use app
  • E-bike rental and helmet
  • Service and support during your tour
  • Luggage transfer
  • Accommodation as per itinerary
  • Shuttle transfers

Ljubljana to Bled on Hidden hills trail

The Hidden Hills Trail is a long-distance e-bike trail in Slovenia that links Ljubljana with two alpine lakes, Lake Bohinj and Lake Bled, crossing the most preserved medieval city in Slovenia, Škofja Loka. The trail was carefully designed to include the most captivating sightseeing points in the area and lead past all the local attractions.


  • Hut to Hut cycling adventure.
  • Non-crowded area with little traffic.
  • Visit Slovenia’s top highlights like Ljubljana, Škofja Loka, Lake Bohinj, and Lake Bled.
  • An amazing route through diverse terrain.
  • Viewpoints that only locals know
Day 1: Ljubljana

When you arrive in Ljubljana, the bikes and guide will already be waiting for you at your accommodation. You will receive complete information regarding the itinerary beforehand, and we will address any questions you may have. If you arrive in Ljubljana early and have extra time, you should visit the Ljubljana city center and the castle. There is an adventurous week ahead of you, so rest up.

Day 2: Ljubljana - Škofja Loka

This first day of cycling will already be an exciting ride from the city center of Ljubljana to the medieval town of Škofja Loka. After leaving the city center you will start with an ascent up to St. Katarina, overlooking Ljubljana valley, and continue all the way to scenic St. Jakob church which offers a 360-degree panoramic view. After the descent from Polhograjski Dolomiti hills, you will reach Škofja Loka – the town full of history and culture.

Route data:
– Distance: 30km
– Elevation gain: 780 m
– Elevation loss: 730 m

Day 3: Škofja Loka - Stari Vrh

The second stage takes you from the medieval town up to the Križna Gora hill, followed by the descent to Selška valley. There is one more climb ahead of you up to St. Thomas church, one of the most photographed destinations in Slovenia. After a quick photo shot you take a turn to an old military road up to Ski resort Stari Vrh – the final place for the second stage.
Route Data:
– Distance: 26 km
– Elevation gain: 1127 m
– Elevation loss: 639 m

Day 4: Stari Vrh - Dražgoše - Lake Bohinj

Today, the picturesque path takes you along the Škofja Loka hills, thick spruce forest of Jelovica, and remote villages of Kališe & Dražgoše, where time flows differently. After a long descent, you will arrive at Bohinjska Bistrica and continue on a scenic cycling path to Lake Bohinj.
Route Data:
– Distance: 44 km
– Elevation gain: 1818 m
– Elevation loss: 1410 m

Day 5: Bohinj - Bled

There is no better way to start the day at one lake and finish it with a well-deserved swim at the other. The route will take you from lake Bohinj up to the mountain pasture Zajamniki, which is known as the most picturesque panorama view in Slovenia. After leaving one pasture you will cross many of them and have a chance to try traditional alpine cheese. Having enough of typical shepherd's mountain huts you will start with a long descent to Lake Bled and finish the day.

Route Data:
– Distance: 45 km
– Elevation gain: 1110 m
– Elevation loss: 1150 m

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